What Business Is Right For You ?

Find out which business is best for you ?

The right business for anybody is one that lets them operate in their zone of genius.
You might ask why is this important?

The answer is that you’re going to attract your ideal customers when you operate in your zone of confidence or genius. This is basically what your ideal customer is buying into. This is when your business is basically handmade for you and it isn’t modeled after someone else’s. If you ever wondered why following another formula or blueprint hasn’t worked for you when it’s been able to give so many other people such great results this is the reason.
You best serve everyone when your brand offers and business model plus your revenue strategies… are when all 3 are aligned …that is where you find the Sweet spot. Where these 3 overlap…

  1. the business model + revenue
  2. brand essence or core value
  3. what the offers are

So that the intersection where those 3 overlap is where you’re going to find  the” Sweet spot”or your zone of competence or genius.
That is what you’re really good at and what you excel at…
The truth is that in business …buyers don’t buy your product or service …they actually buy into your approach or perspective and way of solving their problems .
Today the real competitive advantage of business is not only optimized landing page emails or even great content for that matter it’s one-on-one trust and people helping people get to where they want to go.
And it’s this trust that you build with people …it’s the authority that you get in your niche or topic… it becomes your zone of genius and it’s very difficult to copy or replicate it’s tied very closely to how your customers experience your brand.
In business I like to review where I am and what’s already working .Then , I’ll analyze where I need to be.Then I can reframe my perspective and see where I need to go which will help me make a decision on how to act and take action . So basically asking myself… what I can do today ?…and what steps should I  take to make the biggest impact?
The reason this is so important is… it’s very difficult to replicate success if you don’t know where your business needs to go. The only way to do that is to review and analyze what the current state of the business . So  basically you need to look underneath the surface of a running business to see what’s working and what isn’t …because you can NOT solve a problem you don’t know exists.Learning how to market and communicate clearly with people is probably the biggest thing I appreciate from about working from home in the lead generation business…
Now …what I see fairly often is… you can have a great product… or a great service …but if you don’t know how to market and get leads …you’re not going to make any money.So it’s super important… otherwise your business will be nothing more than a hobby. An Important aspect  marketing is… it’s not just about selling or promoting… it’s also about attracting …and capturing your ideal customers ….basically marketing is made up of four activities First… attraction ,then capture and engage . Then – convert to your customer.
Attract your ideal reader to your site or business. To do this you’ll post content in highly visible platforms you can also do guest posts and guest podcasts that help drive people to your site.
Then in capturing them…Get them to sign up to your email list by using lead magnets or other opt-in incentives free downloads landing pages and other opt-in forms. Ebooks or E-Quiz .
Engage with subscribers and establish trust
through emails text put them into nurturing email sequences…also give subscriber exclusive content access and start relationship building.
Convert subscribers into customers.Then convert customers into advocating for your brand by building long-term relationships delivering support a welcome onboarding testimonials and feedback support tickets as well as incentives to show that you value their business.
Marketing assetsThese are the things that help your ideal buyer or customer move along the customer journey with your brand examples of different marketing assets would be.

  • Challenges
  • Videos
  • Cheat Sheets
  • PDF
  • Email White Papers
  • Quizes

✅ Check Lists
Some other terms you might hear me speaking about our ideal buyers or customer personas like an avatar with a little bit more detailed specific information rather than a broad target audience you might ask why?

The reason is a target audience provides…. just a broad summary of people that were marketing to and it usually has an average demographic profile that’s lumped together in age gender marital status income location and everything else.
So for example you might have a description as female 23 to 40 mom ,moderate income, living in the USA …was kind of generic. So for me my ideal buyer is a late 20s to 50s head of household that’s burn out on hourly…salary working people that are ….likely to be looking to start a business from home but probably ,they’re not going to be anyone who identifies or relates to a term like… blogger or… solopreneur or even small business owner…since they are just starting to see what it will take ….because they are beginners …they are more likely to have money mindset problems …..and feel like an imposter.
They’re always wondering who the heck they are to call themselves an expert… and the main issue is …”time”…. because we all have a family to juggle …as well as a business .So this person will not be someone who shies away from hard work…and they’re not afraid to take action ….but it’s unlikely to be someone who purchases a program and never gets it going or done… they see themselves as a simple person…. someone who just wants to get the job done and take care of business  ..they know they need to invest in themselves to start their business and get ahead.

Basically an ideal customer is  someone who you love to work with and serve...plus, when you know who these people are in your business… it’s going to help you make much better decisions about what you offer and what you include and promise people for outcomes. Besides that… it will help determine the way that you package product and services as well as pricing …it will even tell you what sort of language to use for marketing strategy.

When you’re a small business owner you don’t have the capacity to Target many different customer segments like huge brands such as Gillette Procter & Gamble who may have 10 or more customer segments for each product that they sell so it’s ideal for you to focus on just one or two segments at the most so that you can speak directly to the language that the customers use and be present in the conversation that’s already going on in their head.Sometimes it’s actually good to describe people who are not a good fit sometimes they’re portrayed as a negative persona that is someone who you don’t want to market to because they’re just not your ideal buyer. This is basically a description of behaviors impossible demographics of who you want to exclude from your buying pool you might be asking now why would I want to do that isn’t a buyer still a buyer?Well actually these are the people who are least likely to get results from your offers and they may also be the least likely to Joe with your style and usually account for higher refunds in returns.

That’s why your vision is ever important …Just remember the “Stars never align” and the “Traffic lights of Life” will never always be green for you at the same time…Why is that ?… because it seems for all the most important decisions… the timings always sucks …waiting for a good time to quit your job…. the universe doesn’t conspire against you…. but it doesn’t go out of its way to line up the pins either ,does it?

Conditions will never be perfect and someday is a disease of attitude that will take your dreams to the grave with you .

Pro and con lists are just as bad ….if it’s important to you, and you know that you want to do it… just do it and correct course along the way. Part 2 Next Time…but for now…

So Which Business is Right For You ?

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