How To Create A Habit

  • What works best is the formulate a plan
  • for when and where you’re going to do the new habit over the course of the following week basically build it into your schedule and complete this sentence during the next week I will partake in at least 20 minutes of X new habit on this day at this time at this place
  • implementation intention statement… when situation arises I will perform response why… we are creating cues the two most common are time and location dependent hundreds of Studies have shown that implementation intentions are effective for sticking to your goal whether it’s writing down the exact time and date of when you’ll get whatever it is done or recording the time of when the appointments going to be it increases the odds that you’re going to stick with the habit
  • people who make a specific plan for when and where they will perform a new habit are you 90% more likely to follow through
  • Most people lack Clarity not motivation
  • Don’t make General statements that never work… they’ll say oh I’ll write more or I’ll eat healthier or I’ll do better I’ll just remember to do it…then what happens?. Which vague and not measurable
  • Complete this sentence… I will do this behavior  at this time and location. Being specific about what you want and how you will achieve it helps you say no to things that derail progress …distract your attention and pull you off course. When your dreams are big it’s easy to rationalize little exceptions all day long and never get around to the specific things you need to do to succeed .You got to give your habitat time and a space to live in the real world. The goal is to make the time and location so obvious that with enough repetition you get an urge to do the right thing at the right time and if you can’t say why.
  • One of the best ways to build a new habit is to identify a current habit you already do each day and then stack your new behavior on Top …This is called habit stacking…complete  the sentence… after the current habit I will do the new habit so put the new habit in after current habit that you have that you enjoy… key is to tie your desired Behavior into something you already do each day… for example… meditation after I pour my cup of coffee each morning I will meditate for X minutes or exercise after I take off my work clothes I will immediately change into my workout clothes… you want to take advantage of the natural momentum that comes from one Behavior leading into the next
  • Consider when you are most likely to be successful . With your current  habit, you should 
  • also have the same frequency as you desired habit. Habit stacking increases the likelihood that you’ll stick with the Habit by stacking your new behavior on top of an old one this process can be repeated to chain numerous habits together each one acting as a cue for the next so take advantage of the natural momentum that comes from one Behavior leave leading to the next
  • habit stacking allows you to create a set of simple rules that guide your future Behavior it’s like you always have a game plan for which action should come next.
    • First  law …make  it obvious so you have NO ambiguity
    • environment is the Invisible Hand that shapes your human behavior … it’s not easy to practice and  play your  instrument …when it’s always out of sight in another room and  you probably  won’t  remember  to read all the books you are interested in if  your books are in a shelf…in the closet…So you want to create obvious visual cues which can draw your attention toward a desired habit ” like place your drum in the middle of the living room “…to remind me to practice.
    • Clear the cluttered  space…start with a clean work area…this one helped me immensely…visual cues that are seen all the time end up interfering with your goals and derail progress.
    • Next time we’ll talk about…How to get rid of bad habits…but for now ….
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