…The Strangest Secret In The World ?

What is the secret

You know what the problem these days really is a result of ?

For  most of us…”We just don’t think for ourselves ” !
Our common aspiration is…” to blend in “and conform….while , at the same time…our whole cultural existence encourages…your are different…basically            a view of being a  separate and unique individual…? Huh?            Apart from the rest of the world? 
It’s about this way of thinking… that I want to talk with you today.
We have it better today in this Golden Age …than ever before …it is better now than it has ever been for mankind.But somehow in the richest country in the world,. many of us manage to pretty much take it for granted .We here in America are particularly fortunate to live in the richest most prosperous land  that ever existed.
This truly is the land of abundant opportunity.
Do you know …what happens to the 100 people who start out with a like minded idea  at the age of 25 over time ?
Do you have any idea what will happen to those people by the time they’re 65?
100 people start” with similar characteristics” …with the same abilities and chance at opportunity… at the age of 25 …and just like they do…we all believe we’re going to be successful , right ?
And if you ask any one of these people having a similar desire , meaning he wanted to be financially independent at 65.
The reality is one will be rich….4 will be independent… 35 will still be working…
54 will be broke.
So I think about why do so many fail  ?
And what has happened to the sparkle that was there before ?
It was there when you are 25… what’s become of the dreams…the hope ….and plans ?
Why is there such a large disparity… between what you intended to do…and what you actually accomplish?
When we say about 5% of us achieve success… we have to define success.The best definition I’ve ever been able to find is “that success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal… that a man is working toward …where there is a predetermined the goal …and he knows where he’s going .The man that does this …that man is a success .If he’s not actively and consistently working toward that goal….Then he is failing.
So success is the progressives realization of an ideal .In the classic and  the wonderful book called” Man’s Search for himself”In this book Rollo May says …”the opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice … it is Conformity” !Ouch….and there you have the trouble  today , it is …Conformity… people acting like everyone elsewithout knowing why … without knowing where they going .
Think of it …in America right now …they’re over 28 million people 65 years of age and older.Most of us are broke are dependent on someone else for support and necessities. Limited by circumstances by the time they get there…it starts narrowing are vision of what’s possible.

We all are going to need to make a living by the time we are 25. Usually buy a diamond get married.Big questions these days are …How do I make me a living with supporting a family while trying to get ahead ?But by the time we are 65 we haven’t learned how to become financially independent… in the richest land that has ever been known ?
When we conform and settle…for results,  we ‘re acting like the wrong percentage group…the 95% that DO NOT Succeed  !
Many of us believe that our lives are shaped by circumstances…you know… like things that happened to us by exterior forces that they have no control over.
Why do you get up in the morning ?
If you were to ask the above question …a lot of men working right now… 19 out of 20 have no idea .If you ask him further…he’ll say well” everyone goes to work in the morning” and that’s the reason they do it !Because everyone else is doing it…CONFORMITY -Well you have to earn a living. ( Not necessarily the same way)
Let’s  get back to our definition of success …who succeeds ? The only person who succeeds is the person who has progressively realizing a worthy ideal… is the person who says…” I’m going to be successful (“no matter what”)and begins to work toward that goal.There are successful people everywhere.People are at success as the school teacher ….who is teaching school because…” that’s what you want to do. “For this reason alone” is why I love teaching… teaching school because that’s what you or I wants to do.
Success is a woman who’s a wife and mother….because she wanted to become a wife and mother …and is doing a good job of it.
Success is a man who runs the Corner Gas Station…. because that was his dream ….and that’s what he wanted to do.
Success is the persistent salesman and his organization striving to help others get what they want and need to better their lives…A success is any of us who is doing a predetermined job … because that’s what you decided to do… deliberately.
Problem ?
It’s only “Only one or two… out of 20” that actually realize it and do it. They work toward their goal.So the real obstacle today is…OURSELVES…What …why ?There really isn’t any competition for you and me… unless we create it ourselves… unwittingly.So instead of competing … all we have to do is create  for ourselves…not conform or settle.
For years I looked for the key that determines what would happen to a human being
and I wanted to know which way of thinking would make the future a promise that we can foretell to a large extent.Is there a key that would guarantee a person becoming successful … if you only knew about it …and you how to use it well. Like a magic wand almost.
Well there is such a key .
Many of us are hard workers… sincere workers….but at the same time… so many areus are loyal, dependable and honest…but never ever achieving anything in particular….
Meanwhile others don’t seem to work hardly at all, but seem to get everything.It’s almost as if you have a magic touch .
You have probably heard them say that about someone….that whatever that person gets involved with or touches..Gets turned to Gold.
If you pay close attention you will start to notice that  someone who becomes  successful…tends to continue to become successful.
You will also see that if someone is a failure…most of the time…this is someone that tends to continue tofail working toward an ideal goal.
Some of us have goals and we succeed because we know where we’re going.
It’s that simple !
Picture it like this…think of a ship leaving the harbor and take it on a trip.The captain and crew know exactly where it’s going and how long it’ll take.It has a definite course and target destination. It will work 99 out of 100 times…that is  you will arrive consistently at the desired destination.
Now take the same ship and give fuel and safety but no course. What I mean is … give it no aiming point… no destination.We just start the engines and Let It Go.  I think you’ll agree with me that if it gets out of the harbor at all the would be lucky…they can either sink or wind up on some deserted Beach a derelict. The ship can’t go any place because it is disconnected and has no guidance !
It’s the same with the human being.
Take a Salesman for example there’s no other person in the world today with the future of a good salesman selling is the world’s highest paid profession. And if we’re good at it … you know where we’re going .Every company top notch salesman.. and they reward those salespeople handsomely…  the sky is the limit for them.
It has been… ” said the human race is fixed not to prevent the strong from winning …but to prevent the weak from losing.
The American economy today can be compared to a convoy in time of war… the entire economy is slow down to protect its weakest link. Just as the Convoy had to go up to speed of the slow and laden ships.
The way I see it is ……it doesn’t take some particular brains or talent to make a living to support a family today.So we have a plateau or so-called security or comfort level. So what we have to do is …. decide how high above this track we want to go.
Let’s get back to The Strangest Secret in the world.
I wanted to tell you the reason people with goals succeed in life.If you understand completely… what I’m going to tell you from this moment on… your life will never be the same again.You will certainly find it good luck or at least good luck will seem to find you.
The key to success and the key to failure is this:
we become what we think let me think about !
Many wise people that are teachers and philosophers believe it is proper to disagree with one another on many different things…. but it’s only on this one point that they are incomplete and unanimous agreement .
Marcus Aurelius Roman Emperor says “a  man’s life is what his thoughts make of it .”
You can see this because everything comes if a man will only wait .
If I have sold myself and bought it… by continuously picturing in ones mind you take a picture . And a human being with a set of purpose must and will accomplish it… and that nothing can resist the will that will stake even existence on it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson Says “a man is what he thinks about all day long “. We need Only to act as in cold blooded reality,as if the thing in question, were real… and it will become a reality. So if you only care about a result …you will most certainly will miss the journey.
If you wish to be rich you will be rich.If you wish to be learned you will be learned.If you wish to be good you will be good.Only you must and really wish these things …and wish them exclusively…not at the same time together with incompatible things. In other words you need to do the right things if you want the right things to happen in your life.

To he or she who believes… all things are possible ….
Going back to Norman Vincent Peale is one of the greatest laws of the universe. Of course I wished to discover this earlier in life but late is better then never. Simply stated…. it is that one of the greatest  discoveries … the Great Law briefly and simply stated is that ” if you think in negative terms you will get negative results”if you think in positive terms you will achieve positive results… that is the simple fact.
George Bernard Shaw says “that people are always blaming her circumstances for the way life is. I don’t believe in the circumstances. You will get what is deserved most of the time so if you want to get something else …then these people get up and look for the circumstances… and if they can’t find them…they will make and create them.
Once you start to realize it for yourself…it is pretty apparent . Then every person who discovered this thinks that he was the first one to work it out.    we become what we think about …

We become what we think about…so conversely  is the man who doesn’t know where he’s going …and who starts and goes thorough life with  thoughts of confusion… and anxiety …and fear… Well then, worry becomes what he thinks about all day long …his life becomes one of stress and anxiety . To top it off…the worry is about nothing 90 % of the time.
I want to tell you about a situation that parallels the human mind . What’s planted in the land gives the the same growth.Same in your mind. Farmer has a  choice… he may plant the land and grow whatever he chooses, and the land  doesn’t care. It’s up to the farmer to make the decision…Now in the human mind and with the land it is the same… because I like the land , the mind doesn’t care what you plant in it. Both the land and your mind will return what you plant. You could have corn seed (+)and poison oak(-). One positive thinking thoughts and one Negative.
Plant either one… but the mind doesn’t care what you plant…it will put out a combination of the ingredients you put in…you can not get something out that is not there in the first place. Therefore…I prefer to focus on the positive things I can think ,say, and do…to make life better for everyone.
What you sow..is what you shall you reap. Where you put your time, energy and focus… is what gets attention so that that is attended to will improve.

When I recruit for my company I talk to lots of diverse and interesting folks all over the U.S. And one of the things I noticed sometimes is that …we take it for granted the way things are here in the America. It is good to remind yourself now and then that …”familiarity breeds contempt “.Our ability to decide now ….what it is that you want going on and heard  in your mind.It’s the most important decision you’ll ever make in your entire life .You want to get rich then what you got to do is plant that seed in your mind… care for it ! EVERYDAY.
If you want you want to be an outstanding service leader or be a better worker at your particular job…plant the idea.
You want to go places near company in your community… got to do is plant that seed in your mind …and care for it work steadily.Put yourself in your mind’s eye as having already achieved this goal… see yourself …doing the things you will be doing.
If you asked the average person in the street…” Why are you where you are right now in life ?
Most will say this happened and that happened totally out of my control so this is the resulting situation …so in essence…a victim of circumstance…but the truth is he really is where he is because… ” that’s exactly where he really wants to be” whether we will admit that in each of us or not.
The reality is you must live off the fruit of your thoughts for the future. You can not get a product out that did not have the right ingredients… because what you think today and tomorrow next month or next year ….will mold your lifeand determine your future .
The Strangest Secret in the world and why do I say this ?Actually it isn’t a secret at all …it has always been in plain sight but eternally overlooked.

I’ve never forgotten that the grand creator and architect of the universe did not build a stairway to nowhere …so remember…” as you believe… so shall it be done to you”- the effort you put forth to be a doctor …you will pay the price of long years of difficult study.
To be successful in selling you remember that each of us succeeds to the extent of his ability in that we are able to  sellour families on our ideas.
Selling education in schools in  selling our children that there are the advantages of living the good life .Persuading our Associates on The Importance of being a good and ethical person a top-notch professional.We strive emotionally as well as intellectually to control our thoughts because for every action there is an equal and reaction simply stated as it applies to you and me the limitations you have are self-imposed and the opportunities that you have today or enormous. It is important for you to think positive and let your marvelous mind think about your goal for all possible angles as well as  your imagination to speculate  on many different possible solutions . Make it so that you refuse to believe that there are any circumstances sufficiently strong to defeat you .
Plus no matter what your present job is, remember that it has enormous possibilities… if you’re willing to pay the price. A Wonderful Life  can be ours . It is of course worth any price. See it clearly for yourself…

You will become what you think about. Period.

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