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The Personality Profile Quiz takes about 30 minutes…and you will want to write your answers down on a sheet of paper. Then you tally the numbers for each Personality Type . By the way there are  4 different types that will Indicated by 4 different colors. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. 

So prepare to be 20 to 30 minutes ….but on my blog you can also take a shorter 5 minute quiz for FREE to which will help determine  your unique entrepreneur type…or go directly to http://etquiz.net

Personality Quiz Instructions

This personality profile is designed for you to understand who you are, what you like, and what you dislike. More importantly, the value of this profile is to start understanding others. Many of us go through life trying to get people to “see life our way” when, in fact, to be successful in business AND LIFE IN GENERAL, it is the exact opposite. You need to “see life the other person’s way”. While taking this personality profile realize there are no right or wrong answers. You will not be graded on this. While reading the questions, there will be answers that are very similar to each other. Make sure you take the time to determine which answer fits YOU the best. Be as accurate as you can, and remember: the more honest you are, the greater the result. This profile is not designed to impress anyone. The point is to accurately learn how YOU interact with people. Remember, it doesn’t matter what personality is your strongest or what personality type you are, it matters that you understand all the different personalities and can adapt to any one of them at any time. Turn the page to get started.
Directions: You have been given a sequence of questions.
Divide 12 points among the answers to each of the questions as described below:
                                               6 Points     The answer that best describes you
                                       4 Points     The number two answer that describes you
                                       2 Points     The number three answer that describes you
                                            0 Points     The answer that is the least like you
Remember: honesty counts. Make sure the answer you put is how you are, not how you would like people to see you.

When creating a strategy for your business you would like the person you’re dealing with to: 
1.    ___Be non-confrontational and realize the importance of establishing a good working relationship.
2.    ___Discuss all possibilities and be as direct as possible.
3.    ___Emphasize a practical solution with a “results is what counts” approach.
4.    ___Logically think through and outline the task before attempting to start.
When dealing with a face-to-face situation with someone, your approach is:
5.    ___Serious and sometimes passive with my message.
6.    ___Responsive and attentive, usually energetic.
7.    ___Bright and quick, somewhat assertive.
8.    ___Quantitative, individualistic, and smart.
C.   I don’t like it when the people I work with are:
9.    ___Too passive and take a long time to come to a decision
10. ___Unorganized, late, and sloppy.
11. ___Pushy, argumentative, who have debates.
12. ___Uncaring and tend to be very callous and standoffish.
D.   When you meet someone for the first time you usually always:
13. ___Have a great strategy already lined out and a specific goal of what to discuss, and you stay on that subject only.
14. ___Ignore the title of the individual you are talking to, treat each other equally, and just go with the flow.
15. ___You forget the small talk, get right to the point, and let him/her know your expectations.
16. ___Spend time getting to know the person and are always nice.
E.   When I am in a group discussion people see me as being:
17. ___Non- confrontational, supportive, and involved.
18. ___Detailed, logical, and orderly.
19. ___Quick, creative, and fun.
20. ___To the point, efficient, and with a specific goal in mind.
F.    When it comes to time, my outlook is best described as:
21. __It must be done now.
22. __It may be late, but it will be worth it.
23. ___Concerned about the future implications of today’s actions.
24. ___It must be done right the first time.
G.   I enjoy giving the impression that I am:
25. ___Aggressive, goal-oriented, and confident.
26. ___Very smart, systematic, and conservative.
27. ___Very social, always fun, and spontaneous.
28. ___Caring of others, creative, and artistic.
H.   When I am ready to act, I assume that:
29. ___I have the facts, and it is a logical decision.
30. ___It is fun and very creative.
31. ___The people I am dealing with understand and trust my decision.
32. ___I will get the result I need immediately.


When completing Part Two, be sure to read the questions carefully. You have 4 points. Disperse them as you feel they appeal to you. Read the statements carefully before responding, but do not try to “over-analyze” them. You will get more accurate results if you answer spontaneously rather than think of extreme situations in which both statements might possibly be true of you. Remember, there are no “right” answers and that no personality type is better than any other. You may divide the 4 points equally between two choices or any way you think they are rated. Example: 1+3=4 or 2+2=4 or 0+4=4. Have fun!
33. ___I am a social person and love people.
34. ___I am a use-my-mind type and I love to come up with new ideas.
35. ___I am organized and very systematic.
36. ___I am a “now” person and a go-getter.
37. __ I am fashionable and care how I look in public.
38. ___I am a leader and take on changes.
39. ___I am informal and conservative.
40. ___I am caring, not confrontational, and I love people.
41. ___I am very focused and driven.
42. ___I am artistic and use my imagination.
43. ___I am particular and need facts to make a decision.
44. ___I am a free spirit and look at things in a philosophical way.
45. ___When I am in a group of strangers, I tend to be quiet and orderly.
46. ___When I am in a group of strangers, I am comfortable, and get to know them fast.
47. ___When meeting with someone I have a tendency to be late.
48. ___When meeting with someone I am always on time or early.
49. ___When I am with a group of friends I enjoy listening and helping them out.
50. ___When I am with a group of friends I tend to lead the pack and do what I want.
51. ___When faced with a problem I am the first to create a solution and fix it.
                 52. ___When faced with a problem I tend to get other people involved to help me get
                         rid of it.
53. ___If I had a choice of careers, it would be sales, entertainment, or travel.
54. ___If I had a choice of careers, it would be in space engineering, computer technology, or law.
55. ___If I had a choice, it would be in helping others, nursing, teaching, or as a social worker.
56. _­­­­­__If I had a choice, it would be in the stock market, finance, politics, or as a military leader.

Red Points
3.  ________
7.  ________
9.  ________
15. ________
20. ________
21. ________
25. ________
32. ________
36. ________
38. ________
41. ________
50. ________
51. ________
56. ________
TOTAL ________
Yellow Points
2.  ________
5.  ________
12. ________
14. ________
17. ________
23. ________
28. ________
31. ________
34. ________
42. ________
44. ________
49. ________
52. ________
55. ________
TOTAL ________
Blue Points
1.  ________
6.  ________
11. ________
16. ________
19. ________
22. ________
27. ________
30. ________
33. ________
37. ________
40. ________
46. ________
47. ________
53. ________
TOTAL ________
Green Points
4.  ________
8.  ________
10. ________
13. ________
18. ________
24. ________
26. ________
29. ________
35. ________
39. ________
43. ________
45. ________
48. ________
54. ________
TOTAL ________

PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR: Informal Aggressive PRIORITY: Relationships & Interacting PACE: Fast & Spontaneous
STRENGTHS: They are enthusiastic, optimistic, persuasive, playful, charming, motivating, bubbly, funny, refreshing, convincing, and animated. They are creative and highly intuitive. They are usually “the life of the party” and they love to socialize with people. They are excellent promoters.
WEAKNESSES: They tend to talk too much. And on top of that, they tend to talk before thinking. They are disorganized, but tend to be disorganized in and organized fashion. They tend to be the poorest savers of all the personalities. They are poor at follow-up and tend to be forgetful. They are known to be somewhat scatterbrained. They are likely to go off on 10 different angles or subjects within the same 10-minute conversation.
LIKES: They like to have fun. Their attitude is “if it’s not fun, why do it?” They like to get recognition because they like to be in the “spotlight.” They like to party and have a good time. They like to know that they are liked. They like to get the “big picture” rather than the technical details. They like excitement. They tend to be dreamers.
DISLIKES: They don’t like anyone or anything that tries to take away their fun. They don’t like being alone. They dislike system, rigid rules, and long drawn out processes.
ATTITUDE: Personal, open and sincere.
USE OF TIME: Undisciplined and fast pace.
WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: Evidence you are trustworthy, friendly & non-threatening. WHAT THEY NEED: Personal attention & interest.
HOW TO PRESENT: 1) WHY your opportunity is the best.
2) Support their feeling, interests & develop a relationship.
TO FACILITATE ACTION: Provide guarantees & assurances. Offer opinions instead of options.

PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR: Formal Passive PRIORITY: Tasks & Facts
PACE: Slow & Systematic
STRENGTHS: They are accurate and precise, efficient, well read, conscientious, and dependable. They are the most organized of all the personalities. They have great follow-through skills. They are good at persisting through tasks that most would consider boring. They are good problem solvers and they tend to be very neat. They are great planners and once they commit, they will consistently work their plans.
WEAKNESSES: Paralysis by over-analysis. They can be too critical & overly cautious. They are hard to please because they are perfectionists. They tend to be easily depressed because most people and situations don’t meet their stringent standards. They tend to be more pessimistic and skeptical than the other personalities. They are generally withdrawn from otherS and tend to be loners. They will spend lots of quiet time seeking revenge from those who have performed wrong doings to them.
LIKES: Details, facts, analyzing, figuring things out, and taking things apart. They like being on time, being right, being accurate, and being precise. They like organization and they like to schedule things. The like processes and systems. They like order, structure, planning and preparing. They like things to be in a perfect line and they like things to stay in a box. The like predictability. The believe there is a time and a place for everything.
DISLIKES: Being wrong, disorganization, obnoxious people, pushy people, and people who are not on time. They do not like people who are not precise and prepared. They don’t like spontaneity and surprises.
ATTITUDE: Businesslike and Reserved
USE OF TIME: Deliberate, thorough & accurate
WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: Evidence of your experience in analyzing and solving problems WHAT THEY NEED: Documented evidence that what you say is true and that you are prepared.
HOW TO PRESENT: 1) How to do business
2) Do the products actually work TO FACILITATE ACTION: Provide facts and good service

PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR: Formal Aggressive PRIORITY: Results & Winning
PACE: Fast & Decisive
STRENGTHS: These are the people who we tend to call “ our natural born leaders. “ They are powerful and they like to take action. They are very goal oriented, are risk takers and actually thrive on opposition. They are very independent, self-sufficient, dynamic individuals with lost of energy. They can successfully juggle many different tasks at the same time, and they tend to make quick decisions once they’ve had a chance to gather and review the appropriate information.
WEAKNESSES: Even though they make the quickest decisions, they do have a tendency to wait until the pressure builds up before taking action to complete a goal…in other words they have a tendency to procrastinate at times. They are the most unsympathetic of all personalities, meaning that they have a tendency to forget that other people have feelings. They are very impatient. They can come off as rude and pushy. They like to argue. They are usually the most stubborn and un-teachable of all the personalities because they already feel they know it all. They are known to have short tempers and they tend to be domineering and are not good listeners.
LIKES: They like a challenge. They like giving their credentials and telling others how important they are. They like to know that you are connected to the “the important people.” They love being in control. They like power. They tend to like stress and work better under stress than the other personalities. They like to argue and they have to win. They like to be leaders. They like doing things that will make them money. They don’t go shopping – they go buying
DISLIKES: They don’t like small talk. They don’t like being behind. They don’t like wasting time and they don’t like to be followers. They don’t like to stop and small the roses. They don’t like to get too mushy, or touchy in public. They don’t like crying…it’s absolutely prohibited in public.
ATTITUDE: Businesslike and Powerful
USE OF TIME: Disciplined and fast paced
WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: Your qualifications, records, and values WHAT THEY NEED: Documented evidence stressing results
HOW TO PRESENT: 1) WHAT you can do for them
2) Support their ideas and conclusions
TO FACILITATE ACTION: Provide options, probabilities, and challenges

PRIORITY: Relationships & Communication PACE: Slow & Relaxed
STRENGTHS: They are easy to get along with and have great listening skills, which is why they have a lot of friends. They are team players. They are very loyal and dedicated. They are very creative. They avoid conflict and are very cooperative which tends to give them a peaceful demeanor. They are non-threatening, love to help, and are the most patient of all the personalities. They are nurturing, supportive, loyal, and dedicated.
WEAKNESSES: They have a tendency to be overly sensitive and take things personally – such as rejection for example. They tend to watch things happen instead of making them happen. They conform to the crown because the don’t want to “rock the boat.” They are usually unassertive and are often walked over by some of the their personalities. They are not goal-oriented, and seem to just go with the flow. It’s easier for them to buy other people’s excuses, than it would be to convince them to change.
LIKES: Peace, love, happiness, animals. In fact, if they were given on wish, they would choose harmony and peace in nature and mankind. They like volunteering. They like to help and give to others, especially the needy. Yellows are the ones who support the street people making financial donation at every major intersection. They like getting to know people, and they like to absorb the sunset into their spirit and let Mother ocean caress their souls.
DISLIKES: Pushy and aggressive people really irritate them, especially the people that we call bullies. They don’t like confrontation. Loud and obnoxious people are definitely a turn-off. They don’t like being pushed around even thought it tends to happen quite a bit because they would rather submit than confront. There is a threshold point, however, where they will snap and become more aggressive if you push them too far for too long. They don’t like people destroying the rain forest, killing animals or causing wars.
ATTITUDE: Open, friendly, and laid back
USE OF TIME: Undisciplined and Relaxed
WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: Who you are, what you think, and who you know WHAT THEY NEED: Recognition and approval
HOW TO PRESENT: 1) WHO is in the company or endorsing our products
2) Support their ideas and intuitions, and your relationship
TO FACILITATE ACTION: Offer testimonials and show bigger picture as it relates to helping people 

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