Embracing The Sales Mindset

Embracing A Sales Mindset…What That Really Means

Sales means … Selling Yourself as a Service.

When you sell from honesty integrity and compassion everyone wins 

that’s because it’s not about the hard sell it’s about the heart sell.

When I first got into professional sales a few years ago I always heard that it was really about the mindset.

I wish I would have paid more attention to that advice sooner. I was too pre-occupied with the automation and tools since it was new to me. Once I got more comfortable with the technology I was in for a surprise. I will tell you what my experience has been like .

Selling is really about leading and moving people to action.

See … when you talk to the average person most people have a negative view about sales. A large part of this is our cultural hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply the non-critical acceptance of an idea and most people believe the negative beliefs about sales and sales people because that is what our culture culture tells us not because it’s what’s true

I’ve seen all types of people who need effective sales skills like… sales people coaches consultants Network marketers entrepreneurs and they all have negative views on selling as well.

It’s a negative view that’s carried over from presentation to presentation and the mindset manifests itself in a salesperson being a week closer or even worse not even asking for the sale in the first place.

Instead of powerfully asking for the order these people say well here’s my business card and call me when you’re ready to move forward and of course this approach simply doesn’t work.

I had a lot of these negative beliefs myself as in …”I am not a good salesperson.” “I am not good at closing”.” I am not good at recruiting.” I don’t like selling. I don’t like the phone. The computer programs are difficult. etc. etc. etc.

See the problem I didn’t realize back then is there was a law of belief in that whatever you tell yourself over and over and over again you will eventually believe and so I started affirming to myself that selling equal service and I sell from honesty integrity and compassion and in order for me to acquire sales greatness it might require that I change the way that I looked at being a salesperson I started thinking and seeing myself as a sales coach… And started learning everything I could from that day on.

I created a bigger expectation of myself … a goal to work towards helping other people get what they want and need .

Because I knew that if I helped enough people get what they want… eventually I’d get some of what I wanted… Paid.

So I started to embrace selling. I started to realize that getting better at sales was the key to reaching my dreams and potential.

I started learning about the idea of precession in that most sales people focus on their commission and hitting the numbers making money and getting some kind of quarter and paying their bills with the side effect of helping some people of course this is all backwards. What I focus on instead, is to try and add value as much as I can… and then as a byproduct, or side effect, or pre-cessional effect, I’m able to create financial success for both my client and myself.

Persuading and influencing others to act is really about showing the person … how they can benefit from doing what I’m asking them to do.

Positive energy is part of my job description now.

I like to think about how I can contribute to solving a problem… not what I can get or take from it. I ask myself …” How Can we fix this or make it better for the customer ?”

Sales is a service and I love to help people solve their problem. Since I can be the only one who creates my reality… I find people who love to work with me. Then by positive supportive action… a precession occurs that many times … cannot be predicted or measured beforehand.

From my own personal experience I know that the universe rewards people who take action differently than those who don’t. So there’s a whole new level of success that’s available to me if I would just simply make a decision right now this moment to live from this Day Forward according to the philosophy of playing at level 10. Which consistently demands of me to take action towards my goal.

That’s where the saying of just showing up is 90% of the work… it still resonates…today.

Or another way to say it is if you don’t do the right things the right things aren’t going to happen for you.

So if I do the right thing and add value to the customer as much as possible then the byproduct will be success.

Overtime I’m getting better and better at business and marketing and sales presentations.

The ideas that I put into action are to focus on the customer and not myself and the way that I add value is to share the benefits as well as the benefit of the benefits also I provide information to educate and make wise decisions I also educate them on their own ability or value Plus I try to illuminate a path or vision of successful actions that can lead to the desired results.

The bottom line is to show up because the universe rewards people who take action differently than those who don’t.

This phenomenon called a precession occurs that is when the unexpected and almost always positive side effect happens when you take that action.

Greatness in sales comes by focusing on adding value to the customer.

Everything preceding was essentially the inner game of selling. Next we move to the outer game of selling known commonly as the process of influence. In this example we’ll set up a step-by-step sequential framework that leads logically to the product selling itself.

You could describe the process like going up a mountain and the customer starts at the base of the mountain. We start with lead generation… then appointment setting and then … live presentations either face-to-face, by phone or zoom.

Next we establish trust and build rapport at the same time we’ll identify customer needs…then share some benefits . We will then close and handle objections… then close again.

If we don’t close the sale with the prospect and he or she is still interested… then we follow up.

The process of influence….

You got to get yourself mentally and emotionally psyched up and prepared to talk to strangers. Now most of them, will reject what you’re offering… so it does take motivation, determination, courage and perseverance. That’s where having the right inner mindset is crucial that we talked about earlier.

It’s nice to have some sort of a script when you meet with the customer because you’d like to know what you’re going to say and do when they answer the phone… based on what you’re trying to accomplish.

So ahead of the meeting, you want to know what action you want them to take as the result of your meeting?

Since the inner game is the mental side of selling that we covered earlier… just to remind you those are your beliefs …what your comfort zone is and how you deal with rejection. It’s a sales rep preparing for a big sales meeting … or the consultant getting ready to meet with the big client that they have been trying to land.

Now let’s talk about the outer game which includes three key systems for growing any business and a half a dozen steps to making a sale.

The three key Business systems.

1.  Lead generation

2.  Appointment setting

3.  Lead conversion

Lead generation is making contact with people who need, want and are interested about your product or service.

Appointment setting is creating opportunities to deliver sales presentations to the people who want to buy from you

Lead conversion is delivering that sales presentation and making the sale

And in each one of these areas …pay close attention… because you’ll want to use your inner game your outer game and action on all three levels for lead generation, appointment setting and lead conversion. Let’s go over some of the details.

In business when you look at these three key Business systems the bottom line is the conversion. That is where you close the sale and make money.

  1. The generation
  2. Appointment setting
  3. Building trust and rapport
  4. Identify customer needs
  5. Share the benefits
  6. Ask for the sale…pre close
  7. Handle objections
  8. As for the sale again
  9. Follow up….

Wild cards

  • Qualifying lead
  • Referrals

Generating unlimited leads

The purpose of generating a lead is to generate a lead simple right? A lot of times when I explain that to newer clients and internet marketing I usually get a chuckle about that except this is a pretty profound distinction that is necessary for us to point out about selling. What allows us to do is to look at lead generation as a standalone activity in the sales process.

What I mean by that is that when you meet someone at a networking event…

And you might be interested in doing business with them, the only thing that you want to do is simply get their contact information that’s all.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people in the influencing process of sales make is to try and accomplish too much too soon. Instead of focusing solely on generating the lead, they begin delivering their sales presentation at the networking event…. Don’t be that person.

Just ask for a business card and exchange information.

And when you get to the point where you’re thinking about leads think in terms of the lead generation system.

And of course this would consist of some sort of database to track all your contacts and then be able to market to them directly since they’re on your list.

Also it’s a good idea to consider anyone who might be a person of influence since everyone you know has their own network there’s probably some person of influence who has your target market in their Network.

If there’s something you can do for a person of influence to provide value for them and their group you can give yourself a source of hot fresh leaves of people who are ready and willing to buy from you because you’ve already built trust and rapport.

Think of a reciprocal referral relationship for instance if you’re a real estate agent you could create a relationship with someone who sells insurance then that person could create a relationship with someone who sells cars and maybe an accountant who does tax preparation and then maybe someone who does printing and so forth.

Giving out free reports and checklist that you can download as well as videos PDFs and other recordings that have value or good ways to get new leads contact information on an ongoing basis known as evergreen.

I even have a free entrepreneur quiz here at  etquiz.net

With Tw3 marketing software automation you can set up continual emails, texts , and calendar booking so you stay in contact . This helps to keep you in the conversation with the prospect and continue to offer free services and value.

This also helps to keep your business on your prospects radar on Auto-Pilot !

Key points to remember about lead generation is that… it does require the proper mindset.

You must “Believe” in abundance when it comes to lead generation.  I like to draw a big circle on a white piece of paper then make a DOT somewhere in the middle of the circle then I imagine that that dot has thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people that are perspective leads for my business and they’re all on that dot if there was any more I’d be having my plate spill over.

Once my lead generation goals are set I review them every week track them then reset them all through the TW3 software and sales database.

There are so many lead generation tools and ideas that in order to review them properly I’m going to refer you to our website. But the best way is one in one…to really go over the details that will work best for you and your business  and what you’re trying to accomplish…

Let’s set up a free strategy call and a Demo of our Tw3 automated marketing software.

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