Why should I always Look To Do My Best?

It is so important to understand this…

If you want to influence and help people, here’s the key: success … is doing. It’s an’ action taken’…

You have to actually do it.

Activity is a high priority in the process of a successful life. To try to get maximum benefit out of what we have available.

Activity … okay what about full days? If you’re doing something… how hard should you go at it ?

How much time do you put in ?

Everybody has to develop their philosophy about activity.

Just by way of review, let me quote you the Old testament.

It says …6 days activity and one day rest.That’s called…philosophy of ratio of activity. I don’t know , maybe 5 and 2 isn’t too bad…but don’t standstill too long or the weeds are liable to come and take over.

What is a good ratio of resting vs.  activity?

It’s important to know because your philosophy of activity will affect the rest of your life.

The reason for life… is to see what we can do with the seasons… and the chances and opportunities…but don’t forget about our minds and our spirit. So we can see for ourselves just what we can do… 

that’s what Life is all about.

To see what you can do. 

Now, about “ the doing”… you’ve  got to have a philosophy on how much time you’re going to spend doing. 

Enterprise is better than…sitting. If you rest too long, life doesn’t stand still. There is an ancient phrase that says…”whatever your hands find to do … do it with all your might… to the Best of your abilities” see that’s a great philosophy.

Some will say…” well I’m getting by with half my mind and effort but better to do it with all your might.

You think there’s any value or virtue in that idea?

 I don’t know …you got to decide for yourself. You need to weigh it out, right? You’ve got to evaluate it for yourself and put it on your own mental scale. You’ve got to come up with your own answers. 

There is  some old  story that says don’t build your house on the sand in the summer.

Why would we be giving that advice ?

because it’s easy…instead of digging  a foundation.

You must not be so disillusioned. 

Look at ants…they are smart …they think winter all summer long. See then in the summer you’ve got to think storm and harsh weather coming that way …to be safe you will start to think rock …for stability…you can’t think sand and Sun . Compare the Ants…See ants think summer all winter long.

That’s so important ..,I’m sure all winter long ants think this won’t last long.Will soon be out here …what a neat philosophy. 

What a neat  attitude. This will not  last long …we’ll soon be out of here.

 Right now we are teaching leadership skills to average people who look forward to becoming successful. People look forward to getting online and that’s what starts to transform their life into “doing.”

Into the activity of doing something…

Now here’s the last of the  philosophy …how much will a man gather during the summer to prepare for the winter ?

Answer: All he possibly can…that’s  how much. Comfort today is grossly overrated. 

How much will you do?  How much are you doing for the future you ?

 What are you willing to give? 

You’ve  got to come up with a philosophy… How much should you do? It’s a big question. 

What should you do?  Napoleon Hill…here’s what he said to do …

“do all you can”…. So  many books since Think and Grow Rich …say the same thing?  How many books should you read?…answer …as many as you can. You can even listen to the books now…it’s easy.

 I’ve recommended this book to more than a dozen people in the last couple of months but many of them miss it or at least they miss the point. They’re very sincere when I asked what they liked best about the book. But just being very sincere won’t  cut it. See it’s a book you work hard on learning, but somehow …they missed the book. They read some and decided it was not their thing…?

 I’m telling you… if you missed the book, no telling what treasure will be missing in your life. 

If you just miss the book… how hard will you work for …or look for the answer when it really counts?

What would be your philosophical answer to someone who says I’m making $50,000 a year and that’s enough. He says “ my kids are doing okay” …so what would you say ?

The guy says I’m making $50,000 a year isn’t that enough?

 I said yes $50,000 a year is enough…IF it’s the best you can do. We don’t call enough an “amount” …we only call your best effort enough. 

 What is the money  you’re capable of making is a half million dollars a year?… and you make $50,000 a year?

See we call you loser… now it isn’t the difference between 50,000 and a half million that’s important.What’s important is the full extent of your reach. 

That’s what’s important. 

The only way to feel maximum good about yourself…is to extend yourself to the full capacity of your reach…that means doing your best…whatever  that is.

So whatever you engage in.. as many things as you can…do your best.

 Why not go to the max?

I got a good question for you ..How tall will a pine tree grow?

 As tall as it can…of course.. I mean  did you ever hear of a tree growing half as much as it could ? No … they grow all they can. In fact, almost everything in the animal and plant kingdom grows to its maximum capacity ….

except for humans… because only Humans have the ability to choose…

You have a choice…

Being human beings is called The power of choice.

So we’ve got a couple of choices… let me give them to you. Here they are … Question?  Why should I  be all I can be… or instead,…

Am I going to look back later and be saying “ I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve been able to do and accomplish a lot more than what I have in actuality?

 It’s a simple discussion …you can choose to be less than you were designed to be or you could choose to be all you were designed to be.

Discover all you might do for your life in the next one year… three years…. five years.

See if you refine your philosophy of activity you will see that the difference in value is not the amount.

If you do the best you can, and you make $10,000 a year we call that enough. If you do the best you can and you make a million dollars a year ….we call that  “enough”.

Once a psychiatrist invited me to come and talk to  high-school kids and in the middle of my talk, I had the audacity to say” ladies and gentlemen let me tell you what I think most messes with the mind”…they said okay…What do you think most messes with the mind?

 “I said I think it is simply doing less than you can.” It really messes with the mind. It causes all kinds of psychic problems… and a tendency to slack… I believe trying less than you could…or doing less than you could do…or doing it with less enthusiasm than you could ..all of those attitudes are  responsible. It results in lower self esteem and less confidence… it somehow damages the mind. It damages our self-image because here’s what I discovered happens the minute you turn this around and start extending yourself.

“It isn’t the value or gain from doing or taking an action

… it’s how you feel about yourself… that’s the greatest value.”

It’s not what we get (material wise) that makes ‘the doing’ or our effort valuable …it’s what we become… and part of becoming …is to see what all you could become. See what all you can do.

See how much you can earn.. how much you can share ..how much you can start.. how far you can reach …how far you can extend your influence. How good at something  can you get…especially  something you love being part of…

Now that kind of commitment to philosophical thinking about attitude… and about activity…we call this…

the potential for life change

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