Sell The Better Future

Sell The Better Future

 What Do Your Customers Really Want ?

In sales I found that it’s a good idea to be enthusiastic about both the product and the customer.

We need to draw our enthusiasm from our product or service and FOCUS it on how it’s going to benefit our customer and make their lives improve.

If you ask the average salesperson if they want more sales ,what they really need to ask themselves is … do I want to change? 

The question is… am I willing to put up with the bumpy journey, the late starts, the dead ends and the steep climbs? Am I willing to endure all that pain and trouble even if I don’t end up changing?

I think it comes down to the question of am I really committed?

As you understand the process of sales you’ll start to understand its effects in every single part of your life.

Sales has helped me become more compassionate and it’s also helped me become more contemplative and a thoughtful person. Sales has helped me become more mindful, empathetic, sympathetic and in touch with my emotions.

Sales is not a process of talking the most or the fastest until someone finally relents…it’s about understanding someone’s life and offering the best solution available to them.

This goes way further than basic revenue generation, and deeper into sales philosophy and business wisdom.

“ I’ll help anyone who’s ready but not everyone …just because they say they want it !”

The truth is you can’t help everyone even if you wanted to. You can help anyone you like but you can’t help everyone so…it’s best to tell how committed someone is to the sales process and generating more sales before you decide together if it’s a good idea to work together.

Who benefits the most?

Of course what I mean by this question is which type of customer would benefit from my help the most?

Not who’s the loudest and the most desperate.And  doesn’t mean who is furthest down the ladder or next in line.

I mean if you’re an ER doctor and someone came in with a head wound and somebody else had just a cut on their finger… I think you would know who to treat first.

The real question is who benefits the most from my help?…

The answer is that is the one who is prepared and ready, because it takes my skills, my interests and my passion. Then I share it with people who will realize the biggest difference in change and transformation in their life.

I think that’s the true meaning of the quote “God helps those who help themselves”.

My aim in sales is to find the people who are already making the right decisions … that will benefit from my work …even more so than someone who just wants me to do it for them.

For many sales people even though they say they want more sales but, deep down they don’t commit to a specific audience or customer type. Very soon they’ll find themselves unable to make sales because they try to sell to everyone. …Because they have no qualification process.

It’s like if you were trying to help all the animals in nature conservation you would end up not saving any of them. You have to decide and commit to working with either rhinos, elephants, donkeys, exotic birds, fish or any other animal.

You need to know the exact type of animal that you want to work with in order to discover where to find them and how to take care of them .. because you can’t save all the animals at the same’s the same with your ideal customer.

So by now you know that it’s extremely important during the sales process and qualification process to know that you can’t help everyone. At some point you’re going to have to make a choice to turn down a potential client. The money might look good, they might even seem desperate for your help. But somewhere deep down inside something will be telling you this sale isn’t right for me and this is the wrong customer.

“Trying to attract everyone and work with everyone will kill your sales chances..because” if you chase two chickens at the same time… you catch neither.”

When it’s clear that your products and your service helps other people and makes their lives better, it’s easier to start being a bit more enthusiastic about it. But only when you’re in front of the right customer…

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to make sales is because they don’t believe in their own products, so they’re not very enthusiastic about their own products.

 In order to start changing my attitude and my sales metrics, I’ve become enthusiastic about changing people’s lives and how much better their life will be after we work together.

Our products and services have the opportunity to change people’s lives forever, and for the better. I’m contributing to a wider society and affecting people who might never have found the opportunity.

“The fear of offending people or being disliked, is the main reason why people shy away from sales in general.”

Old sayings like don’t stick your neck out too far or your head above ground too high. Or don’t get too big for your britches… know your place, know your station. Remember where you came from… the tall poppy gets whacked blah blah blah…none of that negative stuff that we got conditioned with is helpful.

Some salespeople are so fearful of being disliked or seeming too pushy or like some sort of used car salesman trying to sell someone a lemon 🍋.

Despite driving the entire economy…sales is seen as something unintelligent or beneath those with education. It’s also linked to greed and pushiness and selfishness. Which is kind of interesting because I’ve worked lots of different jobs from being a cook to a manual laborer and I found lots of greedy selfish pushy chefs waiters, business owners, workers and of course sales people.

But I also found great salespeople who were empathetic, thoughtful, diligent, hard-working and caring.

Course a lot of people say they don’t like sales because they don’t like to say no…but that’s like saying that I need someone else to always tell me what I need to buy.

Another reason I think people don’t like sales and selling is because it’s seen as quote on quote desperate. Of course this is both hypocritical and bullcrap…

I mean I’ve met desperate people in the catering business, insurance, media, software, art and every other industry.

So selling and sales isn’t tacky, gauche or bad taste. It’s pretty much the entire driving force behind human history and evolution.

“I mean the entire ethos of human civility and progress is based on the concept that someone can sell an idea to somebody else and both parties must agree that it’s the best way forward.”

Making a Sale Benefits the Customer

This is probably the most cut and dry argument for why sales are a morally good exercise. When you sell a product or service to a customer that makes their life better and it benefits them, there is a morally good outcome.

I believe the entire purpose of life is to contribute to every other living creature on the planet and make the world a better place. So I guess the meaning of life is to contribute however you want to define contribution.

But some people cringe at the idea of making a sale that’s because they don’t want to be discovered as a fraud, or an imposter or to be seen as someone taking someone else’s money. But instead of thinking about taking money from a customer, think about giving them benefits.

Maybe you’ve got this productivity software that allows them to feel less stressed. And they feel less stressed and they sleep better. Then when they sleep better, they’re more likely to engage with their family in the community. So think about those benefits and how it makes someone’s life better.

We need to think about the consequences of that person having those benefits in their life. And in exchange, they’re going to pay you and rightfully so. They give you money which you can then use to invest in your own business, or staff or spend on your family.

When the customer’s life is better, and you see how their life is better, you care less about your own fears. It’s not about a choice of whether or not you should get someone the benefits…because if you have the opportunity to make someone’s life better, dont’t you have a moral obligation to do so?

Making a Sale Benefits You

Look at the most obvious reason to make a sale, it benefits you. You have a better life, if you make a sale. You could almost certainly use the income and it adds to your customer network. Then more sales can cure a lot of fiscal and business headaches. When you’re stressed, because of money or lack of income, closing the sale relieves that stress.

If you’re confident that you can make sales and generate income, you don’t live with as much stress as those that can’t make sales. You make better decisions and more long-term plans when you’re confident that you can close customers.

The better life and pursuit of a better and more fair world for everyone, starts with us. Protest videos, articles, podcasts and cultures sprung up all over the world with the sole intent of changing other people’s behavior. Some of these movements disguise themselves as protests of equality for fair treatment. It’s particularly strong around blame and blaming previous actions for the situation people face today. Income and wealth are classic examples.

The millennial generation loves to spout how their parents and grandparents’ generation ruined the economy. House prices are so high, so is food and gas and rent.

But on the other hand, working opportunities and access to information and education, along with freedom of choice and the speed of which anyone without an education can start to make money, has also drastically increased.( of course that’s just taken for granted)

Hardly anyone looks internally and asks themselves hey what can I do better for my own life?

It’s easy to look at others to blame, whether they deserve it or not. And it’s even easier to put the responsibility on others without asking ourselves what could I have done to make my own life better?

Ownership of my own situation is the most empowering action I can take. When you take responsibility for your actions, you now see opportunities where before there were threats.

It’s pretty sad when you see so many people around rise up and demand change of the world around them, when they have no intention to apply that same energy and indignation towards their own actions or behavior.( not thinking on changing any of their own contributing behavior)

So I guess I’m asking will protesting or wallowing in self-pity change any of that? and no, probably posting on Facebook or Twitter about how unfair the world is is not very constructive either.

So I guess in the end I’m saying, to make a sale is to make two relationships benefit each other so by the salesperson’s very act of listening, commenting, emphasizing and coming up with a creative solution isn’t just good for the customer …it’s good for you too. If you do good work, good is being done.

Making a sale benefits your business

Okay, Captain obvious…

You know if this was so obvious more business owners would know that they should prioritize sales and closing but instead what I found is most of us don’t. Why ?

We make up excuses and procrastinate around things like branding, building the website, making the logo just perfect


And of course that’s not to say that these exercises aren’t important, of course they are. But they’re not the priority. The cold hard fact is that sales make businesses better.

I can’t pay the bills with the beautiful website and I can’t pay my mortgage with an award-winning brand design. None of that stuff matters unless you have the sales and revenue to pay for it.

But how does selling and closing a sale benefit your business? First, you’re beginning to build a reputation or you’re continuing to grow a reputation. The funny thing about reputation is that it can’t be bought, but it does have to be paid for. You can’t just spend a ton of money on ads and magically have a reputation.

Lots of marketing and advertising businesses want you to think that but you can’t. Instead, if you want to build a reputation there has to be some kind of exchange.

You have to make a promise and deliver on it. That’s how you build a reputation. And when you have a massive, solid reputation for delivering on your promises, you don’t look for leads or customers…they start looking for you.

Reputation is built when your customers’ expectations are met and you deliver what you promise. If they don’t pay or you don’t deliver then there is no reputation built.

Start Selling Your Customers a Better Future…( not features of your product or service)

  1. Get excited by your customer’s Life.

 While your products might not be the most exciting on the market, they are affecting something which your customers do care greatly about…their life.

An extremely quick method to gaining trust and rapport is to visibly and utterly become excited about your customers life, future and interests.

Your customers are stressed, they’re working hard, and they’re worried about the future and probably feel a little underappreciated.

What I like to do is find out from my customers by asking them to imagine…  exactly what they want to do in the future? 

I listen with genuine interest and respond with an enthusiastic and encouraging manner to the ideas. I try to demonstrate that I not only believe in their dreams, but I am enthusiastic about them reaching their ideal life dreams.

Even if I’m not talking about products or services, my enthusiasm for their life will be extremely appealing to them because I relate how it will affect their life.

Many sales people make the mistake of thinking it’s important to get excited about the product, and neglect getting excited about the customer’s life.

My goal is to get excited about what my customer is going to experience… and with my excitement for the products and services that are born from this…that’s what is possible and can happen for my customer.

An extremely powerful statement that I use is “imagine how good it will feel when…”

The piece of advice I got a long time ago was…

if you want to seem like an interesting person… then be  interested in other people.”

No such thing as a quick sale

No such thing as a quick win either or an easy sale that will just magically skip part of the process. There are no special tactics, there are no underground sales techniques or other shortcuts. The only thing you can really do to build a long-term brand is to build  with long-term relationships.

Getting better at sales is about developing better relationships, and not finding any hidden growth hacks to generate quick revenue.

You can’t rush history and you can’t hurry growth”.

That’s like planting a field of crops and continuing to ask people …”hey how can I get these crops to grow 50% faster ?”

You’re either going to get sold some snake oil or you’ll keep pulling up the roots to check on their progress.

If you put the right time and effort in now, you won’t have to rely on immediate cash windfalls so much in the future.

Does it make sense for us to work together?

In the final analysis sales is working out if it makes sense for two parties to work together.

This definition helped me visualize being on the same side as the customer. It takes all the pressure off of the sale and the closing, instead it helps me to see the sale from the customers side.

This also helped me to start turning down sales and work that I thought wasn’t right for me.

It’s about two parties coming together and seeing if they can make something great..

Some important questions need to be asked..

Does the customer have the resources, the time, the budget and the specific problem along with the right attitude to get these results that they want and need?

Then do I have the skills, experience, and motivation along with the time to deliver these results?

Sales is more than just working out what people want, it’s helping them find the right solution and figure out if we’re right together.

What people really buy…

Future transformation.

The truest form of pursuing superiority is superiority over oneself. Especially, one’s idea of oneself. It’s about bettering yourself and becoming a better version of you..

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